About Us

With over 4 years experience in the Salon & Spa industry serving over customers, we continue our mission of providing all our customers with an excellent authentic spa experience. We always work to improve on our 5 key experiences that we believed will take our customers to the height of relaxation. Our highly trained therapists have a treasure of experience with modern training and professional license of various messages. All of our therapists are certified by after passing hundreds of hours of training, theoretically and practically. Furthermore, we have the standardized massaging technique for every treatment to make sure that you get the Quality Massage Every time, Everywhere. We ensure that our dearest guests receive the finest standard in terms of hygiene and spa product used. It is our policy to change bed linen, towels, pajamas, and other personal products after every treatment. Will also make sure to only use finest natural oils and herbs on your body, all for the best experience Salon spa of our guests. Therefore, it is our purpose to share the memorable experience to everyone around, one touch at a time.